Digital Marketing Internship
(3 - 6 months | Dutch speaking)

Proudies is a young Amsterdam-based Agetech start-up, on a mission to become world's most inspirational platform for seniors; to build a place where older people can come to find, meet, and discover their new chapter in society and life.

Key activities:

SEO & content

Improve online brand visibility and engagement.

Analytics & insights

Data-driven everything. From sales, to product design and marketing.

Advertisement & design

High marketing budget for GA, social advertising, and offline.

Partnerships & strategy

Engage with our partners and interact with the Proudies audience.

The sector

The agetech sector has been chronically overlooked by many, even though this sector in particular is a big, growing, and important section of the market. It’s time to do better and create products specifically designed for this fantastic demographic. With our team, we have started a movement to go from ‘boredom and dissatisfaction’ to an ‘inspiring and joyful’ retirement.

What role are we looking for?

We are looking for a digital (product)marketeer who will assist Hidde (our head of operations & marketing) in the high-over product and marketing campaigns and strategies.
In this role, you will shape our digital (and possibly offline) marketing strategy and implement it at the same time. Together, we will closely look at our data analytics tools, interpreting our user behaviour and adapting accordingly. At the same time, implementing SEO and SEA strategies will be at the forefront of your week, together with other challenges like optimising the Proudies website and designing alternative onboarding flows for our users. Other core activities will include actively looking for new partnerships and opportunities to expand the brand. At the same time, you will be involved in the design and development of our new application and website.

What your day might look like

Every morning, we will start with a short kick-off at 0900 at our offices the Edge Olympic in Amsterdam zuid.
Every day will be different and might include:
SEO sprints, content creation, designing new SEA campaigns, talking to partners, calling users to gather feedback, brainstorming about new marketing strategies, ping pong, product design sprints, and so on… Besides the daily activities, you will be involved in our Proudies Production Days, where we will meet our experts and record our documentaries (E-learnings, promo videos etc.) with the team!

What we ask

We would like to emphasise that we encourage everyone with an interest in working at Proudies to pick up the phone (or email ;-) ) and contact us! Even if your profile might not match all our criteria, that’s okay, commitment and enthusiasm go a long way!

Your profile

As we are with a small team, you should be comfortable in a fast-paced environment and open to picking up tasks as they arise (this is the only must).

Besides that, we prefer that you have a background in digital marketing and possess basic knowledge of SEO, SEA, and (go-to) marketing strategies. Other skills like speaking Dutch and English, effective and efficient communication skills, attention to detail, the ability to manage and plan several tasks, and an open and creative mind will help you succeed in our team!

What we offer

Besides a steep learning-curve, high responsibility, fun at drinks, breakfasts and lunches, and an awesome team:

€500 per month

Internship fee of €500 for 5 days a week

Discount on sporting

Discount on Onefit/Classpass subscription.


The opportunity to make your mark in an ambitious, impact-driven fast-growing Agetech start-up.


An open, informal, fun working environment that delivers fast-paced, diverse & exciting work (and awesome colleagues).

Flexible environment

Flexible work environment (desk space at EDGE Olympic Amsterdam), options to work from home.

Use advanced marketing and analytics tools.

Hubspot, Ahrefs, Mixpanel, GUA, GSC, GA, JasperAI, Hotjar and more

Join us! Apply now

Our team

Meet your future colleagues

Pauline de Bruijn

Hi! I'm Pauline. 7 months ago I founded Proudies to help seniors find a happy and purposeful position in our society. Before that, I have worked at larger and smaller corporates companies, but I've found myself enjoying the smaller teams way more! I'm in charge of all the product, fundraising and love doing the sales, but I also use a large part of my day finetuning tasks at hand, just like the rest of the team!

Hidde Kehrer

Operations & Marketing
I'm Hidde, with a background in startups and VC I've gained deep knowledge on go-to-market strategies, financing, funding and business development. I met Pauline 6 months ago and joined forces recently to help her gain the exponential growth that Proudies deserves!